• Versio: Moving the Spatial IT Industry Forward

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    Paul Ramsey, the Senior Strategist / Evangelist at Boundless, explains Versio, the company’s newly released spatial data management and collaboration platform.

  • Dragon Hunters: a Mapping Project for the British Legends

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    The team behind Dragon Hunters explains their crowd funding campaign currently running on Indiegogo. Can we map a legend? Can we map dragons as we map the distribution of African lions or North American bald eagles? Like eagles, dragons are told to cut the sky with their wings, but they also dig [...]

  • Mapping Almost 250 Years of Buildings in Manhattan

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    Morphocode‘s Urban Layers allows users to drill down and view the history of Manhattan’s buildings by mapping out over 45,000 buildings and symbolizing them by age.  Users can filter buildings by age by interacting with the graph which shows year of construction on the X axis and the number of buildings built [...]

  • Smart Tree Logging with Remote Sensing

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    Treemetrics is using satellite imagery, UAV, and LiDAR to help forestry managers to map out forests in order to better assess the quality and value of their forests and to cut down on waste.

  • StateFace

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    Here’s a font collection cartographers and those in GIS might want to download for future use.  StateFace is a sets of icons for the fifty states, the District of Columbia, and one showing the continental United States.  The shapes have been simplified to make them easily usable for instances where [...]

GIS Career and Jobs

How Does a Degree in GIS Affect How You Feel About Your Career?

How Does a Degree in GIS Affect How You Feel About Your Career?

Salary site, payscale.com released the results of its 2014 college survey that looks at which college majors pay the best and are the most meaningful.  The survey was developed from 1.4 million respondents to its PayScale Salary Survey which collects data about  jobs, compensation, employer, demographics and educational background. So what did those who majored [...]

I'm a.... The GIS Profession in One Word

I’m a…. The GIS Profession in One Word

When I think about the debate about whether or not GIS is a profession, one aspect that pokes at me is the inability to succinctly sum up the answer to the question, “What do you do?” in one word.  When I think about professions, I think about the one word [...]

Esri Wants Your Input on the Esri User Conference Agenda

Esri Wants Your Input on the Esri User Conference Agenda

Esri has posted a survey soliciting input on the annual Esri User Conference agenda.  The survey is short and can be taken in five minutes.  It asks a series of questions about how the agenda is presented (mobile, online, paper, etc.) and accessed. The answers are confidential and the only [...]

GIS Learning

Ordnance Survey Launches the GeoVation Housing Challenge

Ordnance Survey Launches the GeoVation Housing Challenge

The Ordnance Survey has launched new GeoVation challenge that offers £101,000 to the ventures that make the best use of geography, technology, and good design in order to offer solutions that address the identified problems of long term housing issues in the United Kingdom.  Looking to provide a way for people in Britain to [...]

Presentations from OSGIS 2014 Now Online

All recordings from the recently held OSGIS 2014 are now available online.  Themed, “Building up Open Access, Open Education and Open Data for Open Science”, the fifth open source GIS conference is part of the  “Geo for All” initiative.  The conference featured keynotes by Professor John Wood (Secretary General, Association of Commonwealth Universities), Karen Parkin [...]

The "Where in the World" game is an annual favorite among attendees. Individuals take their best guesses to figure out where on the Earth the poster sized aerial imagery represents.

Views From the 2014 Esri International User Conference: GIS In Imagery

Photographer Kristina Jacob shares moments she captured from the 2014 Esri International User Conference that was recently held during July in San Diego, California.  One of the largest GIS conferences in the world, the Esri UC played host to over 15,000 attendees from around the world. The Esri International User [...]

GIS Data

This global land-cover map was created using data from the Envisat mission for the 2010 epoch (2008–12). This is the most recent data product from the Climate Change Initiative (CCI) Land Cover team led by the Université catholique de Louvain, showing 22 different types of global land cover classes, plus 14 regional land cover classes. Source: ESA/CCI Land Cover/Université catholique de Louvain.

Land Cover GIS Data from the European Space Agency

The European Space Agency has released land cover maps covering the 2000, 2005, and 2010 epochs.  Developed by ESA’s Climate Change Initiative (CCI) Land Cover team, the 300 meter resolution land cover datasets were developed from data gathered by the now defunct Envisat satellite and were developed to serve the climate modeling community. The [...]

Instructions from the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan on how to download its 3D terrain maps to print.

3D Maps for the Blind

The Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI) is developing low-cost technology to print 3D tactile maps for the blind.

Is the GIS Industry Splitting?

Is the GIS Industry Splitting?

Matt Sheehan, from WebMapSolutions, shares some of the results from a survey asking, “is GIS splitting?” These are exciting times for GIS. We are in the midst of a GIS revolution, driven by the popularity of mobile and cloud technology. Suddenly location has become very important. The demand for maps and [...]

GIS Software

Searchable Database of Coordinate Systems

Searchable Database of Coordinate Systems

If you need a consolidated place to search for coordinate systems, EPSG.io is a place to start.  The open source web-service was launch this past March and provides a database of over 6000 coordinate systems used around the world by different GIS datasets.  The coordinate system database is based on the official [...]

Aerial Bold Kickstarter Campaign

Aerial Bold Kickstarter Campaign

Joey Lee and Benedikt Groß who produced the Big Atlas of LA Pools profiled on GIS Lounge have a new Kickstarter campaign that debuted today.  Called Aerial Bold, the two are teaming up again to use remote sensing to build a typeface made up of letters found on earth.  Joey Lee explains, [...]

Maps and Cartography

Swing base and copy board form Photo-mechanical processes : a practical guide to photo-zincography, photo-lithography, and collotype (1897)

Photozincography: Advances in Cartography

Photozincography, or heliozincography, was a revolutionary way of copying photographic negatives onto zinc to be used for map making, outlines, engravings, and the reproduction of images.

Recipes of the World on Wikia Maps.

Crowdsourced Maps With Wikia Maps

Harnessing the power of technology, crowdsourcing data and maps draws upon a large group of people from all over the globe in order to pull together ideas, content, or services, and those who take part in are mostly volunteers. A good example of geographic data crowdsourcing is OpenStreetMap, a collaborative [...]

A Look At Epson's New Generation of Large-Format Color Printers

A Look At Epson’s New Generation of Large-Format Color Printers

Timed with this year’s Esri International User Conference, Epson has announced the second generation of its SureColor T-Series of large format color printers.  Epson has focused improvements to its printer series towards architects, engineers and GIS professionals.  I had a chance to speak with Timothy Check, Project Manager at Epson [...]

Spatial Analysis

Is GIS Use in Crime Analysis Effective at Curbing Crime?

Is GIS Use in Crime Analysis Effective at Curbing Crime?

A new study by researchers at Sam Houston State University found that the use of GIS is widespread in analyzing crime data but that almost no studies have been done to determine if using spatial analysis is an effective tool in reducing crime rates.  “Geographic Information System Effects on Policing Efficacy: [...]